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Body Kit

I have a 99 maxima that I have more or less replaced all vital parts and plan on keeping for a while longer…it’s getting to that vintage age, lol. Anyway, I was looking at adding a body kit to it. I have been looking on all sorts of websites and keep seeing Duraflex and Sanora. Duraflex in its ad’s looks very impressive and is affordable. Sanora, has similar and more impressive styles to choose from but are very expensive, probably half the value of the car at this point.

Does anyone know why the costs are so extreme? Does anyone know anything about these body kits? or can anyone suggest a better product?


The body kit guys charge what they think you will pay to spruce up your Maxima. That is pretty much how it works. As long as what they price it is higher than the cost to make it, they make money. As long as you are happy with how it makes your car look, you’ll pay the money they ask. Pretty simple. As for the quality of these add-ons, well, you need to search the web to find out other guys experiences with those kits. Some expensive kits are junk, some inexpensive kits are great. Buyer beware.

‘‘the value of the car’’ ??
Dude , you’re KEEPING it , not selling it. The car has more than dollar value when you’re keeping it for a long period.

  • I have a 79 in my driveway and never once did I wonder about its ‘‘value’’ when repairing, repainting or accessorizing. Its value TO ME is having a vehicle for the the long term.

Thanks Mustangman, for the feed-back…that’s kind of how I look at it. Most sites or discussions are just people bad mouthing the person for adding something to a piece of cr__ car (in their words) not mine.

Seems to be a lot of haters when it comes to body kits and no one professing loyalty. The Duraflex seems to be made of fiberglass, plastic and flexible resin. Sanora, seems to be made of fiberglass , good rep but products and styles are identical, with just a couple of other samples to choose from with very high cost.

Again thanks, does anyone else know or have used the products mentioned?

Still searching

Hi Mr. Green, you are right… I love the car but am not made of money. I finally have gotten to the realization that I will drive it till it just stops moving. So, its time to maybe spruce up the old girl…:slight_smile:

Have you considered mods that will actually improve the car’s performance? Suspension upgrades? Brake upgrades?, engine modifications? , etc. , no sense having a car that’s all show and no go. Also keep in mind you’ll have to have the body kit painted as well, which will add a couple hundred to a grand or so to the price.

Thanks FoDaddy for your response. I’m not much of a speed-fiend, as long as the vehicle is in good working standard condition and dependable, I’m happy…Just hoping to make it look good.

Well the molds to make the body parts are not cheap. So you have to take the set up cost of the molds divided by the number of kits you would produce and add it to the cost of the kits. The more kits you produce, the less the tool up costs for each kit. I can’t imagine they would sell that many of these kits.

Find a tuner’s web site and see what the group has to say abut the manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if the site specializes in Maximas. I’m sure that Duraflex and Sanora manufacture body kits for many brands. You might also find other manufacturers to consider based on the opinions you read from other tuners.