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BMW Z-3 "EEP_1" error code

Have a 2000 BMW Z-3 with 40K miles and runs like a top. However have an error code of “EEP_1” on odometer and NO tach, fuel gage or temp gage. Seen several blogs with same problem but no solution. Anyone know what it means and solution?

From what I’ve looked up, apparently the instrument cluster has its own microprocessor, and this code indicates that the processor can’t read the mileage. The only solution of any kind I found was to replace the starter ignition relay; one guy says this worked for him, who knows why.

Aside from trying that, your best bet is probably to consult a dealer. Not sure what else to recommend unless there’s a BMW guru on here who can tell us more.

Oldschool–are you familiar with that EEP 1 code on BMWs?

That is a code for a eeprom failure in the cluster,problem is, is that a short in the cluster destroyed the eeprom. The fix is a new cluster. You could ask a Dealer to re-code the existing cluster but I don’t have much hope. Last price I saw on a cluster was $400.00 and I am sure the price did not go down. You will have to pay for coding and installing the cluster. By the way you can remove the cluster without removing the steering wheel. If you give up and remove the steering wheel to get the cluster out make sure the turn signal arm is in the neutral position when you put the wheel back on,you will break the cancel arm on the T/S switch if you don’t.

First wise answer I’ve heard about this problem and I’ve been searching the web for weeks. If I buy a used instrument cluster from EBay or a junk yard, do I still have to have a dealer or certified mechanic program it so my car will accept it?? Or can I just plug it in and away we go??