Bmw series 118i (europe model)

I own a 2007 bmw series 118i and live in Berlin Germany. I recently had my car just shut completely off while driving at 80km per hour. In a tunnel no less. Took it to a bmw dealer and they checked the computer and had no answer as to why it happened. Almost sounds like the key problem as GM has had with the cars. I am at a loss as to what happened. Almost like someone just reached over and turned the car off. No lights no nothing. Had to come to a complete stop in the tunnel and put the car in park and hit the started button and it started again… Any idea as to what the problem was???

Check wth your local dealer to see if there is a recall or TSB on the ignition switch. The 2007 BMW 7 Series did have a switch recall. Even if your model did not have a recall, the switch could still be faulty.

put the car in park and hit the started button and it started again...

If it has push button start, does it even have a conventional keyed ignition?

Does it have auto stop/start? If so, it might be related to a malfunction in that feature.

It does sound like the car thought the ignition key had been purposely turned off by the driver. Does your car have a plain old key you put in an ignition lock and turn to “on” before you start the car with the start button? If so, remove the key from your keychain and try it again, but with the key alone. It may be the weight and swinging action of the keychain is turning the ignition switch briefly to “off”.