BMW noise in steering column

I own a 2000 BMW 528i automatic w 114000 miles. This week I noticed that sometimes when I turn the ingition key counter clockwise to turn off the car that there is a clicking noise sounding like it comes from the steering column. To stop the noise I turn the key clockwise a bit but not far enough to crank the engine and it stops. It does not happen each time. And usually if I slowly turn the key to turn off it will not do it at all. The only other odd thing going on is that I have a light on the dash indicating that my right rear driving light is not working. When I check, the lamp is working but the idiot light remains on. Also, sometimes I get the same light out indication for the left rear light when it is working too. This weekend I pulled the rear light assemblies out and re installed the light bulbs. I’m wondering if this could have triggered some type of electrical problem or is this a mechanical issue within the ignition key switch assembly? Thanks.