BMW i Drive


does any one know where I can get some instructional information on the workings of the BMW i Drive…other than the owner’s manual?


As in, how to operate it, or how it actually works?


How to operate it.


Go back to your dealer with a list of questions. I think with as complicated as they make that, there should be someone at the dealer more than willing to sit with you for a while and give you some pointers. Failing that, you might just google something like “idrive tips”.


start here:

If you still need help, talk to your BMW service department. I’m sure thay will be happy to help you.


Unfortunately the last time I went to my dealer they couldn’t get the blue tooth to work. Had to send me to the maintenance area twice (once because they froze the computer. Also they couldn’t program the welcomE light to work or more than one of the garage door opener switches.