About my Bmw

She that is right she has a name Lilly she is a 2000 325i white with grey leather interior all options game with her I ordered new and even have the design papers from the orignal order. anyone else out there inderstand why I love the car so much?

There are states that will marry you two. I hope you have a long and loving relationship.

Cool, it’s good to see a post from someone who’s not complaining about either their car, mechanic, or spouse. (-; Take care of it and drive it forever.


1993 BMW 740i

Sweet!! A first year 740i! Has your car had the shortblock update? That really was one of the last long-term capable BMW’s

1957 BMW isetta 300
1970 BMW 2002
1973 BMW 3.0 vintage racecar

I hope the relationship between you and your BMW remains intact even when an illicit affair develops between your car, the shop, and your bank account.

My old BMW R100/7 motorcycle had a lot of my admiration too.

“My old BMW R100/7 motorcycle had a lot of my admiration too.”

I hope you still have it, much cooler than anything they currently sell. I ride an '83 R80ST, but I’m always tempted to pick up something earlier to play with.

I’m in a constant search for an R27 to be a companion for my isetta!! I’d settle for an R50 though…

No, I don’t have the /7 anymore. I sold it since I had 3 other bikes at the time and still regret it actually.
I bought one of the first 1000/7s made and it’s the only new bike I ever bought. It would definitely cruise the open roads in style and I rode that thing on many road trips; even to Sturgis S.D. a few times.

I did crash it off the back of a Chevy truck one time and was a bit lucky on that one. Some yokel in a Porsche cut the truck off in rush hour traffic, he locked his brakes, and I locked mine, but since the oil drips in the middle of the lane locking the brakes did not accomplish much except a greasy slide at 70 MPH.


Here you go:


OH YEA!! I want it!! In an effort to cut down on my fleet size, I took an oath to sell two vehicles if I buy one. I’ve gone from 14 to 6 so far. My mini and my fintail Mercedes are the last two on their way out. Maybe I can justify an R27 AND an R50! That’s still downsizing right??

Which fintail do you have?

You can’t have too many toys.

My fintail is a boring '67 200 sedan, gas, with a 4 speed on the floor. It has 109k original miles! The mini is a '63 cooper 997. I also have a '64 Vespa 90. Reality has set in that I will never have time to finish all this!!

I understand, all you need is infinite time/space/money.

My son had a 325i. Two of them, actually, different years. Loved them.
All happiness is good. Enjoy your BMW.