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BMW Gas Fumes

I have a '98 BMW 325is. Lately I can smell strong gas fumes after a fillup. The car is in the garage and there are no leaks. The fumes stay until after a day or 2 when its been driven enough to use up some gas.

I pulled the back seat and checked where the sensors were connected. They were OK and the fumes weren’t coming from there. They seem to be coming from the front of the car.

Any suggestions?


Sounds like a problem with the fuel vapor recovery system. Over-filling the tank by topping it off can cause this problem. The system is designed to handle vapor only, and if liquid fuel gets trapped in the system it can damage key components and produce a gasoline odor.

It’s also possible that there is a very small leak in the fuel system, and the fuel evaporates so fast it does not produce any drips, just a smell.

Have a mechanic check it out.