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BMW front end wobble

My 2002 330xi has 72000 on it and the front end started to shake UNDER A LOAD. Not coasting nor braking. I bought new control arms, control arm bushings(powerflex), and center ball joints. So everything other than the steering parts were replaced up front. I did all the work because my dad owns a machine shop. I had all four tires aligned, rotated and balanced the next day. At first I thought it felt great but a day later I felt the steering wheel shake again. I noticed one of my powerflex bushings was riding up on the control arm so I thought this was causing it. I machined a spacer so it wouldn’t climb up the control arm. It doesn’t climb up the control arm anymore but it still shakes. Please help.

If it’s only shaking under load (I assume you mean when you step on the gas) then I’d suspect the drivetrain rather than the rolling gear. Include in my suggestion the engine itself, perhaps shaking on a broken motor mount or something similar.

For everyone’s info, the 330xi is an AWD car.

It does not shake in first gear. It seems to only shake in 2nd 3rd and fourth.