BMW E46 Heater Valve


I have a BMW E46 2005
The air conditioner in my car was not very cold in the summer
The mechanic said there was a problem with the heater valve
And when he bypass the heater valve completely
The problem was solved and the air conditioner cooled
Now I don’t want to buy a new heater valve and I want to repair my own heater valve
Does anyone know how I can repair it? And which part of the heater valve should I repair?
I didn’t find any video about how to repair it on YouTube


Have you looked for a repair kit for this heater valve online? If you did and you haven’t found one take that as a hint that they are not rebuildable as many parts from modern cars are.

Just buy a new one.

Did you ask the repair place for an estimate to replace the valve ?

There are several Youtube videos on replacement and repair of the heater valve on these cars. Must have missed it.