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Where is the Heater Control Valve?

I’m wondering where the heater control valve is on a 2003 Mitsubishi galant?

It probably does not have one. Most or all late model cars have done away with those and temperature is controlled by a blend door.

I’m pretty sure that particular car does have a heater coolant control valve. They may not be as uncommon as you think.

A quick look at a manual shows no heater valve; only a cable controlled blend door.

ummm! it does have a control me . and they are junk.

the valve is ok,its the servo that fails,its behind and to the left of the glove box,you must remove the entire radio bezel,and all assoc. trim.its not easy to replace but can be done with the right tools.

start rippin.

good luck

You didn’t answer the OP’s question…

happy now? lol!

MET002 is correct. A further look shows this model has a heater valve controlled by a stepper motor that is likely the problem.
Maybe a production line change in the past?

what are symptoms? why suspect control valve? tell more…

they have no heat.

and it looks like a manual system(its not its a hybrid)

no change as per pro date.

actually they did NOT say they had no heat. you assumed that.

it may be: no fan blowing heat, a stuck blend door, a faulty heater valve, or an electronic console thermostat control issue. but with NO details and no further communication it is hard to tell what the real problem is.

“but with NO details and no further communication”

Maybe because the first replies claimed there was no such valve?


and the assumption is correct,they are looking for A HEAT CONTROL VALVE.(NO HEAT SENERIO)if its a blower problem.

the senerio would have read WHERES THE FAN MOTOR?


good day ole chap.

Low coolant due to a weeping water pump or a faulty thermostat could also cause a no heat condition.

actually the assumption is that there is a fault with the production of heat from the autos vents. there are several possibilities which could both cause and effect this. the OP asking for a heat control valve sounds to me like an incomplete diagnosis of the situation. usually more info is needed to give an answer which directly affects the solution.

how is anyone to know whether the OP meant the fan blower switch, or another part of the hvac system?

although you correctly answered the original question, more info from the OP would go along way to help them possibly diagnose and give more pertinent answers (which would be more useful in the long run.)

and if my count is correct you ‘shouted’ 71 times misusing caps, while i was using emphasis on five (5) letters. so who is exactly to blame for ‘nettiquette’ fouls?

I suspect that the following post was related to this question.
It confirms that airflow was not the issue.

please let this post roll to the archive,I told the person where the valve is.

this should have been dead long ago.

It’s perfectly normal when someone asks the location of a component to ask what the symptoms are and pose other possibilities for a problem based on a given assumption, if only to suggest to the op that more info could help. That’s part of trying to help people, which often takes more effort than simply answering the question. Often people ask “where is XXX” when in reality they have symptoms, make assumptions, and end up headed in the wrong direction.

Oh, and if you really want this thread to roll into history you shouldn’t say so in a post. That just bumps it back to the forefront.