BMW 530D Vibration


We moved to Munich, Germany about 2 years ago, still a frequent listener thanks to the internet radio options. The company car programs are great here and as such we received our brand new 530D. The car has been great, especially considering the higher speeds we drive here. In May they exchanged winter to summer tires (legal requirement), and since then there has been a slide vibration in cruising between 110 to 120 km p/h (about 75 MPH I guess). As soon as you accelerate over 130 KM p/h up to 260 KM p/h the car is rock solid. When breaking from those speeds though I do start noticing a vibration (could be unrelated, i.e. the break pads).
I recognize I could ask them to balance the tires once more? Do you see any other remedies we should consider?

Thanks for you considerations,


The Germans like high-tech stuff…Ask to have the tires “Road Force Balanced” . This will expose any defective tires…Vibration felt when BRAKING is usually caused by slightly warped brake rotors…

Caddyman is right a good road force balence should set you right… Its very possible they messed up on the balence the 1st time