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BMW 4x4 Malfunction

Bought a 2008 BMW 528xi, for the second time within a month the warning that the 4x4 and DTC malfunctioned came on. First time, a sensor was replaced. This second time around the mechanic told me the reason why this happens is because when I drive the car I do not drive a distance long enough for the car engine power to kick in and recommended that I should drive farther (at least 15 miles) whenever I use the car. I do not commute to work anymore and use the car when I need to and most of the places I go are usually not far from home. Does what the mechanic say makes sense?

Not driving a distance long enough for the “engine’s power to kick in.” Was he able to keep a straight face when he told you that. The vehicle should still but under warranty take it to an actual BMW dealer.

No sense at all.My question is how did you get a chance to talk to the mechanic? did you request the meeting? The reason I ask was all my BMW Dealers kept us far from the Customer,much more than GM.

The statement is so “out of bounds” that I am thinking some kind mis-communication happened.

“when I drive the car I do not drive a distance long enough for the car engine power to kick in”

I agree with oldschool. The statement is so “off the wall” that it is difficult to believe that a mechanic said exactly those words. Either you mis-heard what was said, or they are just saying whatever comes to mind in order to get rid of you.

In any event, you need to research the terms of the Lemon Law in your state. In most cases, a dealership gets three chances to fix the same problem, and if the problem recurs after 3 attempts, then you can seek recourse under the Lemon Law. Go to to see the specific details for your state, but I can tell you that how far you drive each day has no bearing on the coverage of the statute in any state.

And, if you ever find out what “long enough for the car engine power to kick in” means, please report back to us.

I agree with the others. Do you have a different dealer you can take it to?

Oldschool is right, I misstated that I talked to the mechanic; I talked to the “Advisor” at the BMW dealership where I took the car. The first time in December the steering angle sensor was replaced (I am copying this from the work order). The second time, last week, this is what is written on the invoice: Tech found fault 5BBA stored. Tech corrected in test module and recommends hooking up a charget to kep battery charge up because there are too m any short trips under 5Km. Tech notes: if light comes on again turn the steering wheel lock to lock and light should go off." I will take the car to the same dealer if it happens again and look into the Lemon Law for Maryland.

There is a enormous difference in this post compared with your original.I/we work with these people and when something like this is posted alarms go off.

On the other hand, some really odd explaniations come out of Service Advisors mouths.

Don’t you love your BMW? you own a really fantastic car,when the new “7” series (there may be a "new’ “new” by now ) came out in 2001 the cars were plagued by electronic/software glitches (and still are)The owners so loved their cars most put up with it.

You are right; I’ll be more careful if/when I report something and ask for advice. I love the car and this is so far not a big problem, because the car drives well even with the warning. I just hope it will not become worse. Thanks for your comment.