Electrical & electronic malfunction due to leaks

My 2007 BMW xi has had the iDrive system fail 5x due to unfound leaks which damge the computer system and electrical system. The battery was also ruined and was replaced. I purchased new, have only 25,000 miles and have 1 yr left on the unlimited warranty. Car has been out of service for extended periods without successful remedy. Has anyone successfully dealt with BMW in a situation like this?

Check your state’s Lemon Law.

what is your car leaking? Are you saying your car has been damaged by water and it has not been determined how the water got in? BMW typicaly will not pay the tech for water damage unless the method of the water injestion is discovered and repaired.

They think they have located the leak from rain each time it is damaged. So far it has had 5 leaks and the service rep says he found an additonal one while doing the repair. They are still working on the car and have it about 2 weeks each time. The car is completely closed with no windows or anything open and no sign of water inside the car except once when the rear passenger floor mat was all wet. This last time the computer module in the driver rear tire well was filled with water but none inside the car.

Are you asking BMW for some type of compensation or a buy back? What type of xi do you have. A buy back most likely will happen but many times you don’t come out even equal with a buy-back, you don’t get a new car you know.

Seems like you have some experience with this and I would appreciate hearing what you know. I have a 2007 535xi Wagon that I picked up at the factory in Munich. The dealership says they are going to offer me something but of late have been very quiet. I think they are hoping I will go away. Do you think I need to get an attorney involved or will that just run up the bill? I only have 25,000 miles on it in 3 years.