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BMW 335i fuel pump


Two months ago I purchased a 2010 BMW 335i, 13400 miles on it, the car is fine, however my dad has been searching the internet about the car and discovered issues with the fuel pump, including a recall, a story on ABC, and some serious problems encountered by drivers with this particular twinturbocharged engine and the fuel pump. Is this something I should discuss with a mechanic?

There is no recall for any 3 series 2010 BMW for any reason, although there are 7 complaints on the NHTSA complaint site against the fuel system.

I would not do anything unless you actually discover a problem. If you talk to a mechanic, you are much more likely to spend money to fix something that might not be a problem for your car. And your car is likely still under warranty.

“your car is likely still under warranty.”

If and when you encounter a problem, think of the word, w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

Thanks, I’ll check out the NHTSA. Yes, it is under warranty.