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BMW 335i complete shutdown

BMW 335i coupe latest generation

On two highway trips it has completely shut down on the highway. Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Have you had the DTC read? (OBD11 codes)


That is highly unusual.
How long until the car would restart?
Electrics seem normal when it shuts down?
Any sputtering or surging prior to shutdown?
How long had it been running when it shut down?
Mountain or flat land?

Check the battery cables maybe a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) mistake

Both times it has happened the trip was around 90-100 miles in. Miles on midwest flat, for the most part, highway. The car would not restart. A computer voice informed its driver to pull over and call BMW. Although, it didn’t even give one a chance to pull over. It shut down while passing a semi the second time this happened. All seemed fine up to this shutdown point. The BMW dealer it was taken to could not find anything. Drove it home to be taken to BMW dealer it was purchased from. They are taking it for a long distance ride after finding nothing wrong with it themselves.

Fuel pump relay going bad. Will quit all together soon.
Fairly easy repair for a problem that will definitely strand you.


It’s fuel pump was replaced after the first breakdown. After the second breakdown two different BMW dealerships couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Spoke with customer service. It is now going back again but for a complete fuel system check and another new fuel pump.