Bmw 325xi

i have 2002 BMW 325xi (all wheel drive). For about 2-3 months now there is a squeaky noise coming from passenger side front wheel. It sounds like a really bad and rusty coil spring but the wierd part is that that noise only appears in wam weather. It has nothing to do with how much distance I drive. If it is 70 odd degrees or warmer outside, the noise starts. In warm weather, the car does not have to be running/moving to hear the noise. I can just push down the passenger side front and hear the noise.
Any idea what this could be? I took to a mechanic and he wants me to replace tie rods, control arm and struts. basically the whole suspension system on the front for this noise (in other words, he does not know what exactly is making the noise, so replace everything).
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I would try spraying the control arm bushings with silicone spray-lube first…They are the most likely suspect.

Back in the day, cars had grease zerks on these suspension mounting points. Today, rubber bushings are used and the pivot points supposedly are “lubed for life”…

I think Caddy on dead on. Not sure if they use urethane bushings on beemers but they are notorious for squeeqing under various differing temperatures.

Is there any vibration at high speeds?

Tom & Ray recommended Wurth HHS-2000 / HHS-K Penetrating High Temperature Lubricant for lubing chassis bushings. I found it on Amazon.

See if the noise is coming from the right front stabiliser bar link.