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Rubbing/grinding(?) noise-


I had an accident about 2 months ago–was cut off in the rain on a curve, skidded, right front wheel hit curb HARD. Entire right front suspension, tire and wheel were replaced. On picking up the car, there was a noise that sounded like a tire rubbing against something–tires are NOT rubbing against the wheel well though. The noise changes with speed, is there when under load or coasting, in drive (auto trans) or neutral.

The repair shop that did the suspension work looked for the cause of the noise and found nothing. I have since had the car to three other mechanics, two of which are well-regarded BMW shops. They hear the noise but haven’t been able to diagnose it. They have used a stethoscope to check the transmission, rear end and wheel bearings and said that it seems to sound equally loud from all of the above. There are no leaks in either the gearbox or the rear end and oil levels in both are fine.

One of the shops has recommended that I replace wheel bearings one at a time to see if that does it. That just sounds like they are throwing up their hands.

Can anyone suggest what i might try next?

The RF wheel bearing could easily have been damaged. It’s also cheaper to repair than anything in the suspension. I’d replace it.