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BMW 2004 325I Power steering pump

I was informed that my 2004 325i power steering pump is broken and needed to be replaced. Besides the fact that I lost power steering, the pump is broken because it doesn’t seem to be pumping oil when the engine is running. The pump at the dealership cost apprx $600, while online the after market pump cost $170. I was wondering (besides saving $$$$) if it’s wise to replace my power steering pump with an after market power steering pump? Also, would I cause further damage to the car if I continue to drive the car until I get the power steering pump fix?
Thank you for your help.

$170 sounds really low. I would look closely at that one. If your existing pump is a LUK LF-20, it is a known problematic unit and the aftermarket pump, which goes for about $250 on line, is supposed to be better.

Not sure but when I asked Autozone, they gave me a quote of $170 for a power steering pump for 2004 bmw 325i series. My current power steering pump is the original. I’ve been looking online and the average price for LUK LF-20 is around $250. What’s the quality difference between the LUK LF 20 vs. 30? The price only come with the power steering pump, not the complete kit. I was told I needed to buy the o-ring and pulley separately. Thanks for your feedback…