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Bluetooth trouble

I have an issue with a 2012 Prius that we can’t get any answer from Toyota dealer. Hopefully you can provide some guidance. This Prius has Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is on, neither google maps nor apple maps on my iphone is able to give spoken turn by turn directions. The directions are shown on the iPhone screen but are not spoken. If you turn off Bluetooth in the car, the iPhone suddenly starts speaking turn by turn directions, but you can’t use the Bluetooth to take calls hands free then. We also have a 2012 Tacoma and have no such issues with it and it’s Bluetooth, even with the same iphones. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Every manufacturer implements their Bluetooth software differently, yours may be operating exactly as Toyota intended. To determine this, you’ll need to go to another Toyota dealer who is more helpful.

Your iPhone is sending its audio to the car but the car stereo isn’t set to Bluetooth audio so you can’t hear it. Either select Bluetooth audio on the stereo ( goodbye, music) or select iPhone as the audio output on the phone while using the map app. With Apple Maps, you swipe up from the bottom to access the audio output menu.

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