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Bluetooth technology

My husband just recently bought a new car without bluetooth, but with Sirius radio. It cuts out when you go under a large bridge and a couple other places. Will the cell phone that uses the bluetooth in the car also cut out? Im looking for a new car with bluetooth so I can have my hands free for the rare call I get.

The cellphone is merely taking the signal that it receives from the closest cell tower, and is transmitting it a few feet to your Bluetooth device. An underpass or a bridge will not affect the Bluetooth signal. If your cell phone can receive a signal, it can transmit it to the Bluetooth device.

I guess you don’t understand what a hands-free Bluetooth system is. It has nothing to do with the connection between your cellphone and the towers; it’s just using your car’s equipment for the speaker and microphone. If your cellphone doesn’t cut out today, it won’t cut out in the new car.

Bluetooth is only the communication protocol between the cell phone and your cars equipment. It is NOT the communication between the cell and the cell tower.

The satellite radio cuts out because the bridge blocks the satellite’s signal from reaching the car’s satellite radio antenna. Cell phones and wireless bluetooth headsets don’t communicate directly with satellites.