2014 Volkswagen Jetta - Blue smoke

blue smoke at starting

Volkswagen Jetta: Blue Smoke → Causes & Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)

My guess, valve stem seals beginning to deteriorate. My late 70’s VW Rabbit had that problem, along with engine using more oil than expected. VW was aware of a parts-supplier problem, so issued a recall on the valve stem seals. Dealership replaced the valve stem seals gratis, solved both problems completely.

Bad valve seals.

Another possibility is the valve train area being sludged up and oil is pooling rather than draining back down into the oil pan.

The turbo charger oil seals are leaking.

Oh oh. Yeah, that complicates things. Nevada is probably the poster to rely on if engine is turbo-fied.