Blue smoke and cost of timing belt replacement

My 97 camry has 85K and is due for timing belt, alternator, new belts and also has blue smoke in the morning. What weight of oil should I being using and what can I expect to pay for replacement of timing belt etc. I live in San Rafael CA

I don’t know what costs are there, you’ll need to shop around. But I can tell you that the blue smoke in the morning is probably from worn valve stem seals. If you have the I-4 and are doing the work yourself, the seals are worth doing to prevent the burning oil from possibly killing your cat converter prematurely. I you’re not doing the work yourself, you may not want to bother wi this.

Why is it due an alternator??

5W30 or 10W30 oil would work fine. My older Toyotas used 10W30, but Toyota changed after I had purchased mine. Make sure when you ask for pricing on the timing belt that you tell them you want the timing belt kit with tensioners, etc and water pump replacement (if applicable) at the same time. It may cost a bit more, but given the age of your car, it will be well worth it if you intend to keep it. Think this type replacement cost us about $900 for a Subaru. Your cost will vary due to higher labor costs in CA.

Your oil consumption level may dictate whether to consider valve stem seal replacement.

4 or 6 ??