Brokeb radiator and others

I have a 96’ camry with 145k miles on it. The coolant in radiator was leaking out and it seems the radiator was broken. I sent it to a Toyota dealer for diagnosis. The dealer said I need to replace the radiator ($240), do front engine seals, change timing belt and drive belt because of the leaking stains ($460), replace water pump (which has some leaking, $195), relace Valve cover gasket +PCV valve ($115), replace “O” ring ($94).

I don’t think I need to do all these, but what I need to do? Can I still keep the car?

I have had the timing belt changed two yaers ago.

Thank you so much!


It sounds like you need most of it and anything thing else you likely should do now. For example, if that timing belt has not been changed, it likely is way over do and when it does fail, and it will, you likely will end up with a seriously damaged engine and will have your car just stop running with out warning, possibly on the freeway.

Much of the list is maintenance, not repair. It is just past do.

OK I just saw that timing belt replacement two years ago. How many miles since then? Did they change the water pump then. If the water pump was not replaced then, that may be why you now need a new water pump, and as long as you are going to pay for all the work to replace the water pump, it would be wise to have the timing belt replaced now since most of the work is shared. It would be like repeating the error of not having the water pump replaced two years ago which would have saved you a lot of money now.

Note: I have made several assumptions about what was done and why. I don’t have the facts and I don’t know what you may have been advised to do or what you may have chosen to do or not do in the past. My comments are based on my experience with many owners who find out too late that taking the cheap way out cost the most. Please do not take offence if they really don’t apply to you.