Blue Coolant in my Honda

I am from the old school when antifreeze was “classic green”. My Honda uses blue antifreeze. After checking my reserve tank attached to the firewall it reads just under the MAX level. Should I feel that up to the max level? Also I guess I should use blue coolant.

Are you sure that the reservoir is for coolant?

And not for windshield washer fluid? Which is blue?


Absolutely sure. The radiator has blue coolant. The reserve “overflow” attached to the firewall reads “MAX”. Fluid is below that level should I refill to max in the overflow?

What year?


2009 Honda

Watch the coolant level in the reservoir.

If it continues to drop, there’s a leak in the cooling system somewhere.


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Just keep an eye on it. It should be at least at the Min level when cold, below Max when hot. And yes, go buy a gallon of Honda antifreeze to have when you need it.

Suggest to buy your coolant at a Honda dealership, then you’ll know you have the right version.

That max level is what the coolant should not exceed when it is hot. There is a min level that the coolant should not drop below when the engine is stone cold. As long as the coolant stays between those two marks you are fine.

If you fill it to the max mark when it is cold, it will just overflow onto the ground when the engine warms up.

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I believe I’ve seen all of these colors for coolant

nothing new here

invisible? or real low?

I for indigo.

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You are awesome. Thank u.

I seem to recall Mercedes used a clear coolant for a few years back in the early 90’s. Am I mistaken?

You’re not mistaken, I remember it. Not only that, but it was around for quite a bit longer than just a few years.

It’s the OEM equivalent of the Zerex g-05, which you’re surely familiar with

It was “funny” when you weren’t quite sure if a clear coolant reservoir was empty or full . . . that was never a problem with the old green coolant

I remember recommending a cooling system service on a car because the cooling system was filled with clean clear water.

Then testing the clean clear water and finding it had good freeze protection and pH levels.

Then muttering something about who would use a coolant that looked just like water.


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