2010 Honda Civic Cpe - Can I mix antifreeze colors?

I mixed 2 colors of coolant/antifreeze

Depending on the colors and types, you may be OK, or you could be in trouble.

Need to know what the two coolants are. I assume one coolant was the original Honda coolant. What does the label on the other coolant say? If it’s “all makes and models” coolant, it should be fine. Otherwise, could be a problem.

This vehicle comes w/different engines. According to what I’m seeing the 1.8 L 4 banger uses Honda coolant type 2. Apparently it’s ok to use another major brand non-silicate aluminum compatible coolant, but only temporarily. Continued use of other coolants may result in cooling system failure. Which isn’t something you want. The best bet is to have the cooling system thoroughly flushed, then re-filled with Honda’s recommended coolant. That’s what I’d do in this situation. If the thermostat hasn’t been replaced in the past 5 years, good time to do that too.

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No, each type is formulated to meet specific manufaturer’s corrosion specifications so follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you’ve already mixed them, drain the system and replace with the correct fluid.

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Do you still have the owner’s manual? If so, look up the type of coolant required. Then find the bottles you poured the coolan from into your radiator. Tell us what coolant Honda requires and what the two bottles of coolant are. There should be chemical names on the bottles and relative amounts of each. We can figure out if they are compatible from there.