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Blue cheese in heater

Release a mouse into the ducting. Superglue a string to its tail first.

As I recall, it didn’t take much to get the whole heater box out from under the dash. One you have it out just unbolt and seperatrate the two halves to access the inside. You start the job by removing the heater hoses from the two brass tubes stickinh thru the firewall into the engine compartment.

Release a mouse into the ducting. Superglue a string to its tail first.

What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t worry. If the mouse gets loose you can always send a cat in after it.

myrrddin–The “mice love cheese” information is just one more urban legend that has no basis in fact.
Mice love grains and other vegetable-based foods that contain natural sugars.
In fact, the best substance to use when baiting mouse traps is probably peanut butter.

Take a look at this article, and you will see that your advice is…not valid:

Would a shop vac and a hose work? Flush and vac at the same time.

While Tom and Ray’s solutions to the wildflower and hors d’oeuvres problem were innovative and certainly increased shareholder value, I think the car’s owner deserved a real solution… Luckily, he lives in Texas, which has intense sunshine and low humidity quite frequently. Just park the car with the windshield pointing south (or move it every half-hour to track directly into the sun) for about a month. by that time, the plant material, the fifty-two years worth of topsoil, and the cheese will have dried to a delicate powdery consistency, which can be assaulted with the largest shop-vac within driving distance… maybe one of those howling monsters used to unload coal barges. Open all the air vents inside the car, and cover the parts of the external vents that aren’t being hit with the vac hose. This will also clean the heater box and all the interior ducts.

Of course, all the usual disclaimers and warnings apply…

The air intake duct also has drain holes- clean those out, and every time it rains or the car gets washed, anything in the duct will wash out.

Also, I prefer snakes for errant mouse retrieval. The super-glue and string gambit still applies.