Blown engine after a tune up

We brought my sons 2005 Acura in for a tune up and after about 10 minutes he heard them rev it real high and saw black smoke. They turned it off and told him it’s knocking and he needs it towed out. Pretty sure the engines blown they took no responsibility. Instead told us it would be 4000 to fix. I feel like they should have some responsibility they said its an older car.

Sorry, not enough info to make a helpful comment.

Can you tell us more? How many miles? What broke? Have you gotten a second opinion? What consisted of the “tune up”?


I agree that there is not nearly enough info to be able to make even a halfway decent guess.

The car apparently had a problem when taken in to the shop but after only 10 minutes it does not seem to me that the title to your thread is correct. You state “blown engine AFTER a tune up” and not much of anything can happen in 10 minutes. Sounds like it was running real ragged and someone revved it to see if it would clear up but that should not cause it to knock unless there was a pre-existing condition as the car has a rev limiter.

You just need a new crank and rods/ bearings. Parts are fairly cheap. It’s the labor.

Why did you take it in for a “Tune Up” ?

Most people only take their cars in for a “Tune Up” when there is a problem with the hopes that a “Tune Up” will fix it.

A well maintained engine can handle being revved real high, I suspect the engine had some kind of a problem to begin with.

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You can almost always get a working, used engine for a lot less money. Especially if you have a common car, which uses an engine that is usually reliable.

Perfect example of needing to hear both sides of story .

Well i do have more information on this. It is my son’s car and he took it in I suspect to have some kind of better performance. He did have a crack in his header and the mechanic had worked on it for about 2 hours not 10 minutes. It is a modified car with a turbo so suspect like many of your ideas this had other issues. Thanks for all the relies its my first time on here and I appreciate the info.

Reading between the lines, your son installed a turbocharger. If he overboosted it to get more power, that alone might have been enough to blow it up. How many psi boost? Was it turbocharged at the factory?

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