And I thought the nightmare was over


I bought a 95 Jetta for my use during grad school. I spent 2,000 on the car, but (of course) have spent at least just as much on repairs in the last year.

So my latest problem was with my exhaust system. I took it to a mechanic a friend recommended and OK’d the repair along with a tune-up.

When I got my car back I was so excited. It ran better than it ever has. It almost felt like it was from this century!

Then twenty minutes later my joy was over. The car started to stutter, lurch, lunge, and generally act crazy. The RPM’s are all over the place and the car feels like its going to stall at any moment.

I drove a short distance home and then decided to pop open the hood. Keep in mind I’m not car smart! There are constant flying red sparks coming from one of my recent replaced spark plugs. I’m fairly sure this is not normal, but don’t know if all that craziness could come from one funky spark plug.

I’ll take it back in tomorrow, but can I drive it or should I tow?


Call the shop, explain the problem, and let them decide. It should be on their dime, since they did the work. If they say it is OK to drive it, then do it. If they recommend towing, they’ll send the truck.

If the engine sounds louder than normal, I would not drive it. I’d demand they come get it.


The engine is remarkably quiet. Well, until I open the hood and hear the fireworks.

That’s definitely the best bet. I’ll call them before I do anything. I really hope this works out, I felt very comfortable with this mechanic and would like to continue to use his shop.


If the tune-up didn’t include a new set of sparkplug wires, that’s probably what it needs. Old sparkplug wires can work perfectly fine until they’re disturbed. Such as removing them to replace sparkplugs. Have the plug wires replaced to see if it fixes the problem.