Blowing fuses on a 91 suburban

my fuse keeps getting blown, mechanically and emotionally. my 91 gmc suburban blows the a/c fuse every time i slide the a/c switch to any position. when the fuse goes my emergency brake light turns on and my speedometer stops working. one weird note, my engine seems to run very smooth after the fuse goes, to the point that im not even sure its running but it is. so my question is, where should i start looking to fix the problem? hopefully some one can help, my children are driving me crazy,“dad, you still haven’t fixed it yet. it’s too hot/cold in here!” please help!!


There should be a connector on the air conditioning compressor clutch. Disconnect the air conditioning compressor clutch, put in a new fuse and slide the air conditioning switch. If the fuse doesn’t blow, you’ve found the problem and the air conditioning clutch will have to be replaced.
If it still blows, then answer the following question: Does the blower for the air conditioning and heater work? If it doesn’t work, pull the connector for the blower motor. If the fuse doesn’t blow, you’ve found the problem. If it does blow, see what the real mechanics advise who post on this board.

ALL great advice…Triedaq is trying to walk you thru finding the faulty component in the system that is responsible for the overload/fuse popping.