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2002 Honda Civic LX no air, no cruise control, now what?

A while back my air conditioner stopped working after months of great service. I thought the pressure may be low. I had it sucked out and replaced with dye. It still did not kick in. The compressor and condensor are just fine. They said it my be the fuse. I replaced the fuse and it worked for about 5 minutes. If you jump a wire in place of the fuse it will work just fine. So now we think it may be the computer. Recently, the cruise control just stopped working too. Do you think these things may be related? Is it worth putting in a new computer? I’m running out of options and money.

“They said it my be the fuse.”

Who is they? If your fuse blew and that is why your AC won’t operate, and you replaced the fuse and it blew again then the circuit has a problem. You need to inspect the wiring, find the fault and fix it. What would lead you to think the computer is the problem?

There is some chance that if you find the wiring fault for the compressor circuit then you may find the general vicinity of the problem with the cruise - a chafed bunch of wiring or something. Of course, they could be completely unrelated problems too.

Just for fun, check out the vacuum system. I suspect a split or disconnected vacuum hose somewhere. BTW since the power brakes also use that vacuum system, I could consider this a high priority item. Brakes are kinda important.

They, they are the mechanic people that I took the car to silly. They thought it was the computer b/c since the air conditioner works when you bypass the fuse, the computer wasn’t telling it to properly turn on. Oh, my mistake here, not the fuse, it was a switch thingy. They all look the same to me. So if the air works when you bypass the switch, it works so maybe its the computer. That was their thought. I replaced the switch and it worked only for the first time I turned on the car and ran for about 5 minutes then turned off the A/C. Does that help?