Blower not working

I have 2013 ford fiesta and the fan wasn’t turning on!? It sounded like it wanted to and this is the first time I’m having problems with it. It was -23 out yesterday so that could b it but it’s above 0 now and still not turning on?

Check the fuse, it may have blown the fuse on such a hard start. Hope it gets warmer soon!

Checking for a blown fuse in the dash panel and under the hood would be the first check. You have to ask yourself why that happened if that is the case. You may very well have a warranty issue with this problem.

Even if replacing a fuse fixes this problem you might what to have this problem occurring on record at the service dealer in case something happens again later down the road. You may have a faulty motor when the outside temperature gets really low. If a fuse isn’t blown then I would guess the trouble is due to a faulty power connection to the motor somewhere. The trouble may be temperature related. If parking the car in a heated garage gets the motor going again then a bad connection to, or inside the motor is most likely causing the trouble.

This is a brand new car. Take it to the dealer and have them fix it under warranty.

You want a record of it at the dealer. If it’s a blown fuse, replace it so your warm and still take it to the dealer.

Depending on when it was sold, it could be 1-1/2 years old, if not more, and be out of warranty by mileage

A lot of people are out of warranty quickly, because they drive long distances to/from work

As mentioned above, if under warranty let the dealer fix this.

I expect it is due to the extreme cold. The metal and plastic parts of the motor and fan ass’y contract with temperature, and they probably contracted enough at -23 F that some part that is supposed to rotate is interfering with something else that is stationary. Or the bearing lube just got so stiff the motor couldn’t overcome it. It might work when it gets warmer, or a fuse may have blown, or the blower fan motor windings may have burned out. A qualified auto-elec mechanic can quickly determine the exact cause. You could of course remove the fan motor, bring it inside, and see if it works when it is warmed up inside the house. Would provide a clue as to what is wrong.