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Blower motor not working on my 1995 GMC Yukon

My blower motor on my 1995 GMC Yukon was working fine last night when I parked it. Went to drive it today and all of a sudden it doesnt work at all… i checked the fuses and relays as well as the resistor for the blower motor. I live in ND and the winter weather has been hitting us good lately and there has been a lot of snow past few weeks. The blower motor is brand new about 2 months ago. So im at loss. I have no more ideas on what it could be help ne please

Your motor needs to be checked to see if it works indepedantly from vehicle controls. If you can get 12 volts to it on the proper terminal and ground the proper terminal, and it works, you have a switch issue. If you can’t test this yourself, find someone who can,

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I’d give it a light rap with a screwdriver handle to see if the motor comes on. New motors can have slightly sticky brushes until they break-in a bit. If that doesn’t do anything, follow @tcmichnorth 's advice.