Intermittent blower motor



Ive got a 2009 Audi A4 B8 with 120k miles ish. Ive got a issue with the blower motor. I got the car in august and in the mornings it blew and i had no issues, when i was driving Home after work no air was coming from the vents. I had no issue with that, i just rolled the Windows down. Its been working past 2 months without issues but now its freaking snow and cold as heck here in norway and today the blower worked just fine in the morning and on the way home. But when i was going to the gym it didnt blow, no air coming out. But after i finished and was going home it worked again. So annoying when its cold outside. I went to the shop later and i didnt work again But on the way home it started working again after 3 minutes. Does anyone have any idea what i should check or look at? Or should i just replace the blower motor?

Turn the ignition switch on.

Set the blower speed to high.

Reach under the passenger side of the dash, and with the handle of a screwdriver rap on the blower motor.

If the blower starts working, replace the blower motor.


Suggest to first measure whether voltage is getting to the motor. An electric motor isn’t going to work if it has no electrical power. Measuring the voltage at the motor connector, back-probing, that’s where I’d start w/this problem. Most likely it’s either the motor, the switch, blower resistor (if applicable), or something amiss in the motor control circuit.