Blower fan squeak

our 2 yr old leased civic has a blower squeak. the wife even complained and she never complains. started a few weeks ago. not long after the dealer changed the oil and inspected the cabin air filter. makes me wonder if there is a connection? so, the fan used to be silent. it is not silent now. has a definite squeak/squeak at slow speeds. living in the age of warranties, should i have the dealer change the blower fan? or lube the fan blower bearing? haha
i have no idea if not changing the cabin air filter on age alone is an issue with the fan life. the dealer said filter looked fine and he said leave it as is. i probably would have snorted if he changed it and charged me $33 since it is 2 yrs old

If it is still under warranty, you should have them address it. Since it is a lease, it shouldn’t matter to you how they fix it. The car won’t be yours much longer anyway.

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However, I will offer the possibility that the noise is coming from a bad resistor pack.
In any event, ANY problem on 2 year old vehicle should be covered under one of the multiple manufacturer warranties–unless it has accumulated so many miles that the warranty has run its course.

How many miles are on the odometer of this vehicle?

Both good advise, but once I had a squeak from the blower fan, which turned to be a leaf drawn to the fan. Somehow a cabin filter was not installed on the car, a small leaf was sucked in and lodged itself the way where it would rub against the fan wheel. Such a problem would unlikely to be covered under warranty.

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I doubt it has anything to do with the dealer inspecting the cabin filter. You could try removing that filter for a quick test I guess. I think the problem is either the fan bearing lube has dried up, or the fan rotor is hitting something.

on 2 years old honda?
seems unlikely, or would be covered by warranty as suggested above