Jeep Liberty 2006 ac/Heater fan switch

I have a jeep liberty 2006 and on the ac/ heater fan switch only power level 4 works. The power level 1, 2, and 3 dont work. I was wondering if this was the switch or the wiring. If this is the switch how could it be fixed.

I just had the exact same problem with my 2003 jeep liberty. It was a bad blower motor resistor. My mechanic told me he sees this problem a lot in more recent chrysler models.

I had him replace it because I needed a bunch of other maintenance work on the vehicle anyway, but the part is pretty cheap and can be accessed behind the glove compartment. You could do this yourself if need be.

You need a new blower resistor.

Sad that this went bad so quickly.

I see that when the symptoms are that only 4 works are the resistor but what if it is 1,2, and 4 that have quit and only 3 works?