Blinking check engine light 2014 Honda Pilot

I had the alternator replaced on a 2014 Honda Pilot two weeks ago. Yesterday the check engine light started blinking and it began to run rough. Related? I’m wondering if I should go back to that local shop or take it to the dealer. It has 165,000 miles. I don’t drive it much anymore, but I’m trying to get another 18 months out of it.

I strongly suggest that you take it to the closest competent mechanic’s shop. Anything more than a short drive while the engine is misfiring can lead to very expensive repairs.


Do you know how to safely measure the battery voltage using a shop-DVM? If so, measure it before the first start of the day, then immediately after starting the engine & post those two voltages here. Good advice above to stop driving car until this is resolved. Risking potentially expensive-to-fix problems otherwise.


They may have damaged a wire or an ignition coil, however the misfire is probably just age related.

Thanks, everyone. Is this something a local shop should be able to handle or should I take to the dealer? The shop I would go to is 2 miles away. Drive easy or tow?

It has 170,000 miles on it and has been a total champ. Until the alternator went out two weeks ago and now this. Seems like quite a coincidence, but it has an awful lot of miles.

I’m trying to get another 18 months out of it. Little mileage now but I need the extra vehicle until then.

I have no mechanical competence, but the symptoms seems to match fuel injector problems. I don’t want this to be the tip of the iceberg, though. Maybe I should just sell it for parts and try to find something else for this short term.

If you can’t or don’t want to tow it, then driving to the nearest shop is the next best choice.


Map says it’s 3.5 miles. I do have AAA though. Maybe I call to have them tow it. It’s in my driveway but I need to get it resolved one way or the other.

Call AAA and ask if there is a fee for towing to the shop 3.5 miles away. Then you are certain that there will be no fee. If this is your usual garage, then go for it.

AAA should tow it to the nearest AAA rated repair place for free I believe .

Maybe your shop could send a tech over to your house to see if it needs to be towed. If you drive it when it is misfiring, raw gasoline could be pushed into the catalytic converter, which might damage it. That’s an expensive part to replace. If no shop tech inspection possible, think of the tow fee as good insurance.

Maybe. Ask your shop. With 170K , you’re likely looking at some significant repairs needed in the not-too-distant future. But if it has been well maintained, and gently driven, once misfire is fixed, likely will be ok for 10-20K miles or more.