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Blinkers won't stop

98 Subaru Forester, back brake lights and front turn signals all blinking together, won’t stop. Click on emergency light switch and these lights start blinking faster. This continues until car runs out of batteries, can’t stop it.

This is what happens when the hazard lights are accidentally switched on. Check position of the switch. If switch is off, pull out the hazard relay.

I’ve seen this happen on a couple of Subarus when the alarm system was triggered. It’s supposed to flash those lights, but won’t sound the horn if the horn is broken. If you have a remote keyless entry fob, try locking and unlocking the doors, assuming that the battery is up.

If that isn’t the right answer, please ask your question at the Subaru board, found here:

You are correct MGM. The keyfob is needed to stop this. You can do it with the key also I think. The driver’s door may need to be open and then turn the ignition on and off 3 times.

This action happens when the battery is reconnected to the system. The horn can be programmed to sound or not to.