Blinker/ Head Light problems!

Hey there community! So im having a issue with my car now it’s stressing but determined to get it fixed. So let me first start that’s the vehicle I have is an 1998 Honda Civic DX sedan. Just like what it says in the tittle I’m having a head light and blinker issue. So recently my maintenance light has appread, I personally thought it could have been because I needed an oil change since I was alittle late. Not the issue since I have now gotten the oil changed. So whenever I use my Right blinker I get the commen issue that it blinking really fast (already replaced both signal lights in the front since the one having the problems) now I’m feeling lost because have no idea what causing it to blink fast still and at the same time my high beams stay on… and when I do use the blinker it flashes my right head light At the same time. Already checked all the fuses in the car and under the hood the only thing I haven’t check is the grounded cables under the hood. PLEASE if any one know what could be wrong please help me I would really appreciate it!!!

The problem you’re having might be due to a worn out multi-function switch.

All the circuits you’re having problems with pass thru this switch.


Look for corroded connectors and check the wiring. Try replacing the bulbs also.

I’m guessing it’s the multi-function switch too. That’s located at the end of the lever you use to turn the blinker on, on the steering column usually. Those are pretty common replacement items from the posts we get here. You are not alone, the one on my Corolla isn’t working correctly either. An auto-electric tech could do some testing to verify that’s the problem, but you are probably better off $$$-wise skipping the testing and just asking your mechanic to replace that switch and crossing your fingers it solves the problems. Worse case, even if the problems remain, at least you’ll have a new multi-function switch.

Thank you! Ima definitely look into that! Hopefully that does the trick

I agree with @George_San_Jose1. But if changing the switch doesn’t do the trick I would suspect a short power to power between blinker wire to head light. Bare wires touching each other.

Check for a bad ground for the right front light assembly.