My blinker's timing is off



My left blinker is not blinking at a steady rate any more. all the bulbs are still working. The right one is fine. The left one will slow down (tempo) when the headlights are on and also when I use the brakes. It will speed back up (to a much faster rate than is normal) when the lights are off and if I’m not using the brakes. (the speed will change with either the brakes or lights being used).

This is a '98 Civic; I showed it to the guy at the oil change place, and he thought it was something wrong with the internal wiring. The guy at Auto Zone wasn’t sure what it was, either, and both confirmed it is not the bulbs.

I could take it to a repair shop, of course, but if it’s something easy, and something I can do myself, I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!


I’d check the grounds at the tail light assemblies.


You probably need a heavy duty flasher. Flashers usually go out one side at a time.


I think you have a bad bulb. Replace all the blinker bulbs to be sure. The wiring isn’t likely to be messed up unless you or someone else messed with it. The blinker is probably OK, but if you can’t find a bad bulb that would be the next suspect. You don’t need a heavy duty blinker unless you’ve added extra lights (or a trailer) to your blinkers. Also, check your fuses, but I’m betting on a bulb.

Oh, this could also be corrosion in one of the bulb sockets, be sure to look at them as you change the bulbs.

Please come back and let us know what, if anything, fixes it.