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Blinded by chrome on the dash

My company car is a new Chevy Malibu. Nice enough car, but the chrome parts in the interior reflect sunlight in my eyes to the point of distraction. There is a strip around the shifter on the console, a strip around the AC vents, and a small latch on the compartment on the top of the dash. any help?

Dust, greasy hands and sunglasses is what I can come up with. Sometimes custom websites would sell fake would trim for different cars, not sure if you can find replacement trims and not sure if you want to do that to a company car.

About the only thing I can come up with involves a little work or a tacky look.

Remove the chrome pieces and paint them in a matte finish that would match the interior or give them a brushed look by applying some 1000 grit sandpaper to them (the work part) or stick some colored masking tape over them as a stop gap measure (the tacky part) and remove the tape later as needed.

I’d try putting some matte scotch tape on the offending parts.

I would use black electrical tape and trim with a razor blade where needed. It will peel off when the time comes to turn in the vehicle.

While tape is about the only easy solution, just bring a bottle of ‘Goo Gone’ along when it’s time to remove it, months in a hot car will make it difficult to take off.

Kind of reminds me of Eddie’s 63 Pontiacs. Chrome all over the dash. He kept wrecking them and putting them back together, chrome knobs undamaged.