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Blended Fuels causing Fuel Filter clogging/ Fuel pump issues?

I recently began having problems with the fuel filter and pump in my 2001 Miata. When I bought replacement parts, the Napa man said he hasn’t ever seen sold so many fuel pumps and filters in a month before. He and others have chalked it up to the new fuel blends causing problems. Many of my coworkers are regularly adding sea foam, while others are using gum out. Is this worthwhile? What is your experience?

I wouldn’t expect a 2001 Miata to be having repeated fuel system issues from E10. If you want to use something, one thing I’ve heard advertised specifically for ethanol issues is the Stabil Ethanol Treatment. But I might change gas brands first.

To be clear, this is the first fuel system problem I have had. The parts man is seeing a huge rise in issues among his customers. This month in particular. He and others are chalking it up to the e10.

The problem with e10 is that sometimes it’s e12 or e15 or maybe a higher content of ethanol. Marathon just got busted back in the early part of the year in the Southeast part of the country for too much ethanol in their gasoline. It was ruining small engines like lawnmowers and weedeaters. Ethanol will clean out a gas tank and the resulting debris can clog filters and fuel pumps.