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2001 Mazda Miata - Shop can't find issue

On a hot day I drove around 50 mph for about 30 min and the car stopped running. When it stopped it felt like it was starving for gas. It sat at the repair shop for 2 days on their computer running and the problem was never figured out. The fuel pump and all other systems checked out ok. I then drove the car without incident for about 45 days, then yesterday the same thing happened again. I sat for two hours waiting for the tow truck and then was able to drive it on to the truck. Back to the shop and it runs fine and they cannot discern the problem. Any ideas?

Crankshaft position sensor acts exactly like that when they are starting to fail. Car stops, restarts after it cools down, doesn’t set a code. They are cheap, just replace it. I’ll bet the cures the problem.

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With this type of fuel pump failure I let the engine idle for 30 minutes and then go for a road test, the low fuel pressure problem usually shows under these conditions.