Bleeding a Saturn injection system?

Here it is. Fuel pump had a bad relay in this 2001 Saturn L100.So changed the relay and tried giving it a spin.The engine still won’t start.Now i checked on the fuel supply and there’s a small valve like on a tire, pressed it and there’s fuel in there at a good pressure.Then why does it still wont start ? Do we need to bleed the injection system ? or do we need to reset the computer ? Hope you got good advice , i need that car real bad :slight_smile:

You have fuel pressure at the injector rail so make sure there is a spark at the spark plugs.
Without knowing that it’s difficult to narrow it down to a mananageable number of possibilities.

If you have a spark present at the plugs then have someone crank the engine over while you listen to the injectors (a long handled screwdriver will serve as a stethoscope) and determine if you hear them faintly clicking.

No clicking means the injectors are not opening and this could be due to lack of power (fuse maybe), fault with the ignition module, fault in the ECM, etc.
You can also try spraying a healthy shot of aerosol carb cleaner into the intake tract and attemtping a start. If the engine runs for a few seconds then you have spark and you should concentrate on injector opening scenario.
Scanning for codes is also preferable as that could reveal the cause of this problem.