2001 Saturn SL2 Rotates but will not start


I have a 2001 Saturn Sl2 with 140k miles that is well taken care of, but suddenly won’t start. I have verified the battery is working, I have spark, the crankshaft position sensor is functioning, and I replaced the engine coolant temperature senson. I can hear the fuel injector pump working, but thought there could be ice in the line (I put gas in the afternoon before it wouldn’t start). So I put in a bottle of treatment and pushed it into the garage for 2 days now and still no luck. Please help, I really love my car.

How did you check for spark?

Check for power at the fuel injectors - you can get a little thing called a “noid” light at auto parts stores to do this or use a voltmeter.

Get a fuel pressure tester and check for pressure at the fuel rail.