95 Blazer Heater/AC issue

This is the second post so the year and all that is more apparent.

Around 8 months ago my blower fan started intermittently blowing and eventually quit. The chain shop near my house told me no question it was the blower motor gone bad. Last night I replaced the blower motor (pretty cheap part) and still nothing. I can feel the engine change idle when I turn the cooler on but nothing blows. My regular mechanic told me he thought it was the resistor based on my description (though I had assumed with a resistor issue it would tend to blow on high speed but not low and this blows never). Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? The diagnostic fee if it isn’t the resistor is $60 an hour so I have a feeling it will be cheaper to just swap out all the parts. I have a feeling it is the relay but I am worried that since I can tell the engine changes idle when I turn the AC on it isn’t, though I do not know for sure. Also if it is the relay there are three relays against the firewall and I am not sure which it is as the cases on them all appear to the untrained eye to be identical. Included is a picture. If you could tell me what you think the problem might be that would be great, and also let me know which relay is the blower relay.

Fusible link or relay.

The schematic didn’t help me, i just need to know which relay is the blower relay there are three boxes and the schematic does not show all three


I just looked at the schematic and saw the colors of the blower relay wiring

It’s a 5-pin relay

These are the colors . . .

Dark Blue

You’re welcome

All three boxes are relays. There is a picture one on the left one on the right and one in the middle. All I want to know is which of those boxes is the blower relay. None of them have those colors, they are all just red and black. I can’t trace them to anything because they all disappear underneath stuff before going to the destination. It seems the only responses I get on here are smart ass ones. The first post the guy said "no one can help you because you don’t have the year (which I did) then I get a schematic that looks nothing like what I have, then a duh these colors based off the schematic and a snarky your welcome. Its a simple question which of these three is the blower relay, it is the same for all 95 blazers, they all have those three relay boxes. All I need as an answer is Right, Middle or Left, not a bunch of smart ass answers from people who get off on feeling superior.


You did NOT get any smart ass responses

We’re trying to help you

I have an extremely hard time believing the wires for all 3 relays are all the same color

I can see from your picture that the “left” relay also has white wires going to it.

The reason the schematic doesn’t show all 3 relays is that only 1 of those relays has anything to do with your blower

No it has black and red wires, one with whit tape on it. If you didn’t know why did you answer?


From where I’m sitting, a white wire versus another wire with white tape on it look the same

I was trying to help

So, if I don’t have the answers you want, don’t bother answering?

Does that about sum it up?

Relay location

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Even a passing glance at the schematic indicates that the relay is for HI fan only. Low and medium speeds pass through the default circuit, from pin 30 to 87a. Some people don’t want any insight into their problem. That would require them to actually think. Can we assume that the OP has no test light nor any inclination to purchase one.

But honestly, what more could be needed beyond that schematic?


OP hasn’t replied since June

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