Blazer chokes after starting

I have a 94 chevy blazer. I purchased it not running. I replaced the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter and plugs. The car ran fine for a couple of weeks. Then it started choking out after putting into drive. i tried to give it gas while shifting and it still died. I replaced the fuel regulator, dist. cap, fuel filter again, and the ECM. It now chokes out while in park. What am I missing?

Fuel injection spider.

LOL… Thats my favorite suspect…and usually tends to do the trick. Those spyders will drive you nuts if you arent familiar with how often and the manner in which they fail…

There is a TON of info out there on the failure modes and fixes that the Spyder is responsible for. SUPER Common repair item…one that seems to baffle mechanics…they replace everything except that spyder…and in the end…its more often than not…the spyder

I suggest that Orogenic look up the fuel injection Spyder on the net…get familiar with it…It will more than likely be the very next item you replace…right before you start driving that vehicle again.

I “second” the Spyder. You can also unplug replug that big plug that controls it…I believe you need to remove the center bolt in the connector in order to be able to unplug that thing…at least that is what i recall. Sometimes the unplugging and replugging in cleans off connections in that connector and it starts working again for a while. Its always nice when that works and clues you in to that as being the culprit.


“Chokes out”. I don’t quite understand that statement on a vehicle that has no carb, no choke. If I were you the first thing I would do is remove the EGR valve and make sure there’s not a chunk of carbon holding the pintle open. This will actually cause it to run rich as the MAP sensor will have too little vacuum. This is a very common problem on this vintage of Chevy. they sell EGR gaskets with screens to help to avoid that from happening again.