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2009 Ford F-150 - Leak causes mold

Steering wheel cover has withered away. It leaks on my driver side and creates mold inside the vehicle. I noticed it first on the passenger side and then in the back right side. I fixed it with silicone and “crazy glue” in the back and have not had any further problem since in those areas. This has been an issue since I bought the truck, but this time it has gone to the floor and is now causing mold.

Too bad. Did you have a question?

I’m having a hard time understanding how a deteriorated steering wheel cover could lead to a leak–
of any kind. Could you elaborate on this issue for us?

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Have you checked to make sure your air conditioner drain hose isn’t clogged? It might not be a leak at all.

No idea what we are supposed to do with this information. What did you “fix” with crazy glue and silicone? Both sides of the vehicle are leaking? From where? Is there a sunroof ?

Lots of questions I guess… More info would be helpful as well as a detailed description of the problem at hand.

The leak was from the front and back of the right side of the truck. Started in the rear, wetting the seat and then the front whenever it rained. I used silicone and crazy glue on the bolts/rivets or whatever on the top of the truck, Now the floor is getting wet whenever it rains-thus causing mold in the carpet on the floor on the driver side.

And no, there is no sunroof.

thanks, I’ll try that.

What bolts and rivets on the top of the truck? What is on your roof? If it has fasteners that go thru the actual roof… I’d start looking there to be honest. The only thing any of us think is on your roof is nothing…until you tell us otherwise.

I’m still trying to figure out what a deteriorated steering wheel cover could possibly have to do with this leak.

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You and me both @VDCdriver

I can see that this is going to be one of those problem solver cases where we only get the info we ask for, when we ask for it.

i.e. OP: My suspension keeps bottoming out over the smallest bumps…
US: OK jack it up and take a look at the suspension…
OP: I will but I have to take the elephant off my roof first… Ugh…


This sort of problem — on a 2009 — can probably be fixed by a body shop without a huge expense. On a 1969, not so much. But you have a 2009, so you should be good to go. It’s just a matter of figuring out where the water is getting in. A common diagnostic method for body leaks is to put a garden sprinkler on top of the truck, turn it on, and someone inside looks to see where the leak starts from. Some or all of the interior trim in the suspect areas is removed before doing this experiment. Unless you live in Key West, good idea to postpone this until better weather. I’ve had good luck on my truck using plain old paraffin wax to stop small pinhole types of leaks as a temporary fix. I just rub the wax to the suspect area then I heat it up with a heat gun so it melts. Works pretty good. And the wax is easy to remove later when I want to do a real fix.