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Bizarre GM drive cycle rules

My 2001 Chevy S10 truck’s oxygen sensor just got replaced. According to the (non-dealed) garage, in order to reset the monitor I need to go through this bizarre and probably illegal drive cycle: idle for 2 minutes, then cruise at 55 for 3, back off to 20 mph for 2, back up to 55, then coast to zero! And so on. Abouot 10 steps.

Surely there’s a better and safer way to reset the monitor?!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Just driving your truck in a normal manner for a day or two (depending on the length of a few drives) will reset the CEL.

You don’t need to perform a drive cycle if all that was done was an O2 sensor replacement. As long as the battery wasn’t disconnected while the O2 sensor was being replaced, the computer still has retained the O2 sensor monitor.


The shop should have cleared the code and turned off the CEL with their scan tool…Part of the job…

Unless you’re in a hurry to reset the monitor as quick as possible, like for a state inspection, don’t bother

If the battery was not disconnected, nothing need be done.
If the battery WAS disconnected, driving normally will reestablish the norms for the ECU. The only other thing you’ll need to do is reset your radio stations.

The shop should have reset the CEL, as Caddyman said. They were negligent in not doing so. The story they gave you was pure, unadultrated, BS. You should consider using a different shop from now on.