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Bird poop

Being a native to Florida, I know a little about Florida wildlife. Bird poop on a car in South Florida seems to me to be a small problem. I would be more concerned about some of the foreign wildlife that might come out of the Everglades and cross the road in front of you, such as Burmese pythons, or the African monitor lizard, both of which will also takes the caller’s dogs down (no matter how large) without a problem. For that matter, hitting an alligator can do substantial damage to a car. There is a reason why the Everglades is called an ecological junkyard. By the way, Ray, there is a North American crocodile that is native to Florida. However, because of global warming, they are moving north. I guess we Floridians and others have crapped in our nest.

If you wanted to send an Email to Tom & Ray, that link is a few down from the “Cartalk Community” link which clearly says “Kill time with other Car Talk visitors…”

Under the “Send Email” link it pretty clearly says: “Got something to tell Tom and Ray?”

Or it could have been placed in “The Show” topic group. It’s not easy to pick up on where to direct the posts on the new posts page.

Oh, I don’t know. There are so many of these misdirected posts I went and looked (since I never go in through those pages). About 10 seconds of reading makes it all pretty clear. Its easy to figure out. No big mystery.

But…it is just as clear that site admin needs to do some work to make it even more clear to keep people from getting lost.