Bike rack for VW GTI

Can anyone give me any advice or suggestions for a trunk mounted bike rack for a 2007 VW GTI?

I went to the website of a brand called Thule (I think) and they had something that’s supposed to fit my car.

Once I find something, is it easy to take on and off, or do I just leave it on?

Thule makes excellent aftermarket accessories for carrying things on cars. I have a set of their roof carrier bars that I bought in the mid 1980’s. Their individual “fit kits” for different models of cars have allowed me to use this rack on 5 different cars since I bought it. The trunk mounted racks are pretty flexible as well. Depending on the model you get, it should go on and off fairly easily, especially after the first time you adjust all the harnesses. I don’t think you would want to leave it in place for two reasons. First, it makes getting in and out of the trunk a little more difficult. Second, leaving it in place for long periods of time could damage your paint finish as dirt and debris get between the padded rack and your trunk .

Thule and Yakima make very high quality precise racks that individually fitted to each car by kits. They typically are beyond easy to remove(make sure you get locks if optional), my WRX wagon’s Thule rack removes in <5 mins since the rack acts as wrench to loose the parts.